SOUTH is an independent project by the graphic artist Nomi Geiger. It is comprised of a series of fourteen digital drawings. In her work, Geiger presents her viewpoint of the place in which she has lived and worked for the past nine years – South Tel Aviv. The surrealistic collages that she has created are an amalgamation of the countless experiences that she has felt in her daily walks from her home in Kiryat Shalom along Kibbutz Galuyot Boulevard to her studio in Jaffa.

Geiger documents with her camera the numerous individuals she sees on her route; she sees scenes of pain, poverty, beauty, violence, despondency, loneliness, chaos, friendship, love, crime and drugs. In the next stage, she reimagines this reality in a digital medium, arranging it to her liking, and incorporates into this place her personal impressions of the distant Japanese culture with its restrained and clean aesthetics. Emanating from the print, the local chaos is dressed in a utopian/dystopian vision wherein flowering snowy cherry trees look down on huge street rats.

Within the digital drawing medium, Geiger imagines weaving reality with the distant past; this is her version of the meditative Japanese craft through which she suggests to herself, and then to the viewer, a graphic escape from the difficult chaotic experience.  She pours layers of harmony, nature and gentleness onto the urban human jungle, and thus rearranges and recreates her internal daily experiences. In each of the drawings, Geiger shares with the viewer her layered viewpoint (it’s as if she wraps us in augmented reality spectacles).  So, the old central bus station is transformed into a desert safari of people from here to there, huge creatures, piles of garbage and outdoor placards. In another drawing, Old Jaffa – with a snowy hill gliding to the sea behind the spire of a huge mosque, a restaurant that offers humus, a group of tourists at the entrance, and two youths riding horses – changes to a Miyazaki scene saturated with color.
- Shira Petel

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Nomi Geiger, graphic designer and artist. Graduate of, and lecturer at, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Co-founder and partner of Studio Gimel2. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

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Special thanks to Gabi Kricheli, Amity Gilad, Dana Gez, Rutu Modan, Merav Salomon and Adi Shafran Kremer